Thursday, July 1, 2010

Withers, At First Glance

being over-eager, i hopped onto the cataclysm servers ASAP after my previous post to check if the pet 'withers' still exists. good news, the answer is yes! i redid the entire quest chain on a lvl 80 gnome mage. (thank goodness for flying mounts!)

this new pet is currently available on the cataclysm test servers, and is obtained as a quest reward via a (new) chain of quests in the revamped darkshore zone*. as far as i know, it's alliance only. i'm not sure if there is a horde equivalent, sorry horde. D:

the chain is pretty linear so don't be too worried about which quests to do and which to skip. if you're being sent to the ruins of mathystra, you're on the right track. don't forget to loot bodies! anyway, be sure to check out the "new" zone once cataclysm is released even if withers is no longer available. it's really very impressive!

*i must stress that what is on the beta servers may not be what goes live when the expansion is released. so don't get your hopes too high just yet.

details about the non-combat pet
withers has a similar model to the teldrassil sproutling except there are some notable differences:
- much like its name implies, withers looks like a withering, dying treant.
- withers, when summoned, is taller than a gnome!
- however, withers will shrink over time and eventually be the same size as the teldrassil sproutling.
- withers' smaller stature is temporary and upon bringing this companion to some water, it will perform an emote and "grow" back to its full size.
screenshots to illustrate all of this below..

this is withers at full size

this is withers when thirsty :(

"Withers absorbs the water, growing back to full size."
and finally, the emote withers will make when thirsty and near a pool of water. it will grow back to full size upon "drinking".

pretty awesome so far, eh? i can't wait to discover more new companions on the beta servers!
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