Friday, July 2, 2010

Couple Things

the past 2 weeks or so have felt so hectic and rushed. aside from cataclysm closed beta news, there are some misc things that need mentioning:

- congrats to those who won the trivia contest! i was only one question away from being part of the 6.5% who got all 15 questions correct. *pout* it was the one question that i second guessed myself on too. oh well, hopefully there will be a next time. it was really quite fun and the questions made me all nostalgic :)

- the midsummer fire festival is coming to a close soon, and there are still MANY collectors who have yet to claim their very own frigid frostling. is this how blizzard wants this game to be? after many years of time, energy, and even MONEY spent, collectors will have to walk away empty handed due to the frigid frostling drop being based on dumb, blind luck? i hope blizzard re-examines how this loot bag system works for future seasonal bosses and companions. ie: IT. DOES. NOT. WORK. come on blizzard. even if the collecting community is a minority in the larger scheme of things, we don't deserve the cold shoulder and this should at least be acknowledged/addressed in a professional and public manner. or you could just handle it like BP handled the spill and brush it off as if it's nothing until it becomes a major something. yea, i said it. :P

- hopefully blizzard manages to send out murkimus the gladiator in a timely fashion to all those who paid for and participated in the pvp tournament. last year it took quite a while (months and months) before this hardy murloc started appearing in players' mailboxes.

well, that's it for now. i'll be continuing to scout out, hunt down, and post information on any new companion pets on the closed beta. so far this year has definitely been a year of highs and lows for pet collectors. quite a few more lows than highs though. glad to see blizzard cares. :\
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