Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mini Thor Account Bound

"I got the Mini Thor today. You get it in your mailbox for each char after adding the Starcraft 2 CE to your Battle Net Account. No additonal code necessary. Therefore it is impossible to sell the pet separately, without the CE game code.

If you have more than one WoW-Account, you get the pet on each one. It is bound to your account and does not disappear from your bag after learning it."

- user Sieglinde
unless someone else can prove otherwise, it seems as if blizzard has decided to make mini thor bound to whoever uses the CE SC2 game, rather than making it a separate code.

it's both good and bad news, i suppose. good news for those who love starcraft AND world of warcraft and have already purchased the collector's edition. bad news for those interested in starcraft but not world of warcraft. also bad news for those who don't want to shell out $100 for a game that they have little interest in just for a world of warcraft companion. guess we won't be seeing just the pet going up on ebay this time around. exclusive pet is exclusive.

it kind of confuses me as to why blizzard took this route. not all starcraft lovers enjoy world of warcraft, so mini thor isn't really a big plus in terms of collector's edition extras. you'd think they would have made mini thor a redeemable code so that those who don't care for it could sell it, making the collector's edition that much more worthwhile. then again, i guess most buy collector's edition games not only for the side gifts but more for the prestige in general.

did i give in and finally order a collector's edition SC2? no. and in light of the initial news of it being account bound to whomever uses the starcraft game, i don't think i will be (my friend put a down payment on SC2 but the store said if there were any extra copies of the CE version on release day, he could upgrade). i would have only invested in a CE copy if the pet were redeemable on my account while the game went to his account. my friend would be playing the actual starcraft game more than i.

anyway, i'm still waiting for more information on this vanity pet since it's still very early and the game technically hasn't been officially released yet. still no word on any interactive animations, but i'm hunting!
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