Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Companions?

melodieous of found a possible critter and/or companion model via WMV: it's a raccoon! the cuteness leaves me speechless.

inspired to do some hunting for some possible vanity pets on the beta, i decided to do a quick search on wowhead to see if there are any new companion spells or uncategorized spells that may hint at what the new pets will be in the expansion. this is what i found:

- de-weaponized mechanical companion
- fossilized hatchling
- personal world destroyer

judging from the first one's icon, it looks as if it may be the mechanical bunny, who's image was data mined thanks to mmo-champ.

the second one is likely to be the skeletal raptor babies, image also data mined by mmo-champ.

as for the last one... i have no clue! personal world destroyer could be a ton of things in wow. :P even though it doesn't sound like a pet, it was listed under companion spells and has the usual "Right Click to summon and dismiss your Personal World Destroyer" text. items and spells have been listed incorrectly before, and this item could change before the expansion goes live, so we'll just have to wait and see.

i don't know about everyone else but hunting for vanity pets, even if they don't exist yet, is so exciting for me!
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