Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blizzcon 2010 Stream

the internet stream version of blizzcon 2010 is now available for purchase. $39.95, no DIRECTV subscription necessary.

much like the starcraft2 situation, i'm reluctant. there just isn't as much information as i would like to be able to go ahead and make the purchase with confidence. i'd rather not put my money on the line without knowing what the redeemable "in-game item" is. will it be a pet? a mount? other? whether or not i spend $40 on blizzcon 2010 depends on the answer.

i hope that blizzard makes the announcement soon; i'd rather not miss out on a chance for a companion. i'm slightly paranoid that the direct stream sale will close before i get a chance to throw my money at it.

side note: i'm not enjoying this lack of information on blizzard products lately. are they deliberately doing it? i don't know. but it's grating on my nerves since many of my decisions are dependent on specific details that blizzard is either unwilling or unable to provide upfront.
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