Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moar Raptorz and a Bunny

mmo-champion has some nice screenshots of many of the new models coming in cataclysm. two of which seem to be likely non-combat companion pets:
- skeletal raptors
- mechanical rabbits
those raptor pets look awesome! i hope they also come with neat corresponding animations (example: the leaping hatchling will periodically leap towards its owner.) what on earth does a skeletal raptor sound like? grinding... stone? lol, well i can't wait to preview them on the beta servers.

doesn't look like there's a preview for the enchanting pet yet, but it should come up within the next few weeks/months. *crosses fingers that it's bind on use*

so many of the new models are absolutely stunning. i'm really anticipating seeing some of the new creatures made into pet form! i'd love a baby puffer fish, snail and... anyone else seeing a baby camel spitting on its owner? :P
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