Monday, July 19, 2010

Slow Going

i've been in a bit of a pet drought lately. not much to farm or work for, and the next holiday that could possibly bring a new vanity pet is still quite a ways away. this does give me some time to work on other projects, though.

i haven't had much free time to spend on the beta servers, so there isn't much to report or write on at the moment. i need to make a note to myself to check the beta for all the "old world" companions such as the whelplings and other world drops. with the terrain changes i did notice that some of the mobs that currently drop pets had to be moved or were missing entirely, but that was when the NDA was first lifted and things could have changed since the last patch.

it's been pretty quiet since the whole scorchling/frigid frostling situation. but! is coming out with another contest, so i'm looking forward to that. rather than being held on the actual website, they're hosting it through twitter this time. i'm such a twitter-tard so my chances are quite low, but a contest is a contest so i'll give it a shot. can't hurt. :P (huge thank you to whoever it was that generously gave up a TCG pet for WarcraftPets contest! seriously, most people would have sold the card on ebay.)

hopefully i'll get around to making a list of the world drop companions that i need to check for on the test servers. man, it's either going to be a real pain re-farming all those world drops on the beta or a huge nostalgia run. i'm guessing it will be a bit of both? heh.
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