Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not a Shocker brought to light that the Lil' XT companion has gone missing from the blizzard PetStore. a blue responded to a player's inquiry about the pet:
"Lil' XT has been temporarily removed from the store, everyone. We plan on bringing Lil' XT back as soon as possible, though. While I don't have an ETA to provide, I encourage you to check back over the course of the next couple weeks. :)" - Aredek
no explanation as to why. is it sold out? was it a limited edition item (because they want to keep it "rare" *rolls eyes*)? are they fixing a bug either in-game or in the PetStore? we're left hanging with no clue as to when lil' xt will be available again and why it suddenly had to be removed.

while this is disappointing, especially for new collectors and players, this is not all that surprising with all of their non-combat pet bloopers lately.

am i pointing fingers? sort of. color me a disgruntled pet collector. blizzard's treatment of the collecting community lately has been dismal and their seemingly lack of empathy/sympathy for those who take collecting seriously is disheartening. there have been so many bumps, bugs, and boo-boos when it comes to companion pets lately that it's hard to overlook them all and just chalk it up to blizzard being busy. i guess maintaining in-game collecting just isn't high on their priority list.

part of me understands and acknowledges that a big company has to do what they have to do, yet another part of me refuses to accept that overlooking ANY type of gameplay and satisfaction of customers is the way to handle business properly. then again... my standards for work ethics is quite high, maybe too high to hold blizzard to.

one can only hope that they will somehow make it up to collectors in one way or another. call me pessimistic and a downer, but i'm not going to hold my breath.
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