Friday, January 13, 2012

Crown of the Heavens Preview has previews of the loot coming in the next TCG expansion deck, Crown of the Heavens!

Being the common loot card, the Gregarious Grell is first up on the list. Their preview page has an image of both the physical card and a screenshot of what the pet will look like in game. There's no indication on the page that it will have any special or unique animation/interaction, though.

The Eye of the Legion (coming a couple TCG expansions after Crown) will match perfectly with this grell companion! Pet collectors won't have to be a warlock to feel like one now. :P If only we could have them both out at the same time.


  1. dislike all the TCG pets. pretty much because they are out of reach for me to even get. :P

  2. @pandy: That was my stance too... initially. XD The obsession managed to get the better of me, but I still refuse to spend too much RL money on a single pet.

    I'm glad that the pets are the common loot cards now, though. They're popping up as "free giveaways" more frequently than before, which makes them just a teeny-tiny more accessible to those who don't want to spend $$ on them. Just have to be careful that the giveaway is legitimate and from a credible source.


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