Sunday, January 1, 2012

Darkmoon Faire Bugs

Alright, well there are a few bugs that have made themselves known now that a second DMF is here. Here is a list of the few that will likely have an impact on ticket collecting, and therefore pet collecting:
- Captured Insignia, Adventurer's Journal, and possibly other artifacts are not behaving properly and giving many players the "Cannot complete again" error message. This is likely due to a reset coding error, and it's been suggested by other players to simply keep trying throughout the week (specifically around the same time you turned in your artifacts last month).

- The Treatise On Strategy is supposed to ONLY be rollable by those with the Darkmoon Adventuere's Guide in their inventory, however the entire party can view and roll on said item so long as at least one person as the Guide. This means those that don't even know what it is or even want it can compete with those that do.
There are other bugs to be worked out, and Blizzard is aware of them/working on addressing each one, but so far those other bugs have more to do with achievements and won't really effect pet collecting as far as I can tell.

Also, it should be noted that artifacts seem to have either had their droprate nerfed, and/or require level appropriate dungeons/content now. There have been several Wowhead comments that indicate that the latter may have been implemented since the last DMF. If you can confirm that the lower level dungeons still drop any of the artifacts for a level 85 toon, please let me know! Otherwise, it looks as though any max level characters will have to run level 85 dungeons from here on out for their artifacts. Blah, I should have farmed up more from lower level dungeons when I had the chance last month.

Honestly, I'm not surprised that the second DMF is turning out to be riddled with problems. Without being able to test it on the PTR multiple times due to time constraints and the faire being only one week out of a month, there were bound to be bugs that remained hidden until a second faire showed up.

Here's hoping that Blizzard fixes these issues before the event is over so collectors can earn their fair share of tickets.

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