Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Think I Broke It

I picked up my second DMF pet tonight, and had a blast watching (and hearing!) it get destroyed over and over again. >:3 I especially love the little *pop! squeak* noise as it explodes. *Evil cackle*

Here's some video I took of the Darkmoon Zeppelin going up against Lil' XT.

Yesssss... burn! BURN IT ALL! (WITH THE LEMONS! *ahem* oops, Portal 2 reference. :P) Sorry I'm taking my frustration about Lumpy out on you, little zeppelin. ;)

Thanks to my guildmate who let me borrow his Lil' XT for some toy carnage. (He's the gnome sitting and facing the wall lol, looks like he's on time out. :P)


  1. Congratulations ! I bought the Monkey and still no Lumpy:

  2. Yay, the Zeppelin is going to be the next pet I get; will probably get the strider mount this month first though.

    I know we don't know what Blizz will end up doing, but please keep us updated on whether or not they lower the CD on the artifact quests to 20 or 25 days, instead of the current 30.

  3. @Cleophis: Congrats on the Darkmoon Monkey! He's a cutie :) Still no Lumpy for me either, and I doubt I'll be seeing him until 2012's Winter holiday.

    @Gorman: So far they've made an announcement that they're working on the Darkmoon Faire bugs, so I'm guessing they'll keep us informed about the solution to the artifacts not resetting properly. If not, then we'll just have to wait and see.

  4. How I wish I had an XT of my own. Sadly, ran out of reasons to raid the blizz store to buy the last couple of pets I stil need.

    Almost got my 2nd DMF pet, missed out on the first reset, due miscalculations and family demanding attention, ah well. Now to decide which one to get next. Got the Cub already (am a sucker for cute kittens), so many choices!


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