Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starting Off With a Bang

The New Year will be kicking off with the Darkmoon Faire this year. Hopefully this is a good omen for the coming year for pet collectors!

My plans for this month's faire are all set, and I should be ready to go. I even went out hunting for archaeology fossil fragments in preparation, and if this month's archaeology quest requires some other type of fragment, I should have enough of all of them to turn in. Except for Nerubian and Vrykul. Northrend archaeology is somewhat of a pain lol.

So I'm all set for the DMF. Then right after the faire, another holiday (or two or three)!

First up will be the Lunar Festival which will bring two new pets: the Lunar Lantern (alliance) and the Festival Lantern (horde). Both cost 50 coins of ancestry each (according to the official WoW armory) and are Bind on Equip. There's no way to test it yet, but I'm guessing that this will mean one toon will be able to learn both regardless of faction. It'll just be a matter of getting the pets across the neutral AH. I'll definitely be working towards getting both the new Lunar pets (if it's possible). I'm even leveling up a horde toon just for the occasion, heh.

As always with using any auction house, everyone be careful and wary of your precious goods! I'm sure there will be lots of players and bots alike, ready to snipe any cheap and profitable pets that pop up for sale.

Then just about mid-way through the Lunar event, TWO more events will be kicking off. Both the Valentine's Day in-game holiday AND the next DMF start on the same day. WHEW!

I'm probably going to prioritize the DMF on that day, though. Squeeze in that extra set of dailies before reset.

I pray and hope that there won't be any new additions to the 2012 V-day holiday, or at the very least no new RNG holiday loot bag dropped pets. Those that are still hunting for the Toxic Wasteling don't need anymore stress and anxiety on their plate. It will be Valentine's Day so c'mon Blizzard, have a heart. :\

Only after the V-day event is over will we get a short breather before another DMF comes around. By then it will be March and the MoP beta might possibly be out? That's a complete and total guesstimate lol.

In any case, the next few months are sure to be busy for newer pet collectors! For older collectors who have most of their pet collecting done already, there will still be stuff to do but it shouldn't be quite as hectic... hopefully.

Anyway, here's hoping for a better pet collecting year in 2012. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm tired of being disappointed heh.

Important dates (all holidays listed start at midnight server time):
- Jan 1st = DMF
- Jan 22nd = Lunar Festival
- Feb 5th = Love is in the Air + DMF

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