Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pet Stat Breakdown

MMO-Champion has an unofficial breakdown of companion pet statistics (~6.4 million level 85 character sample size, many toons are alts). The full list of pet stats can be found in the comments of the post.

According to these stats, Mr. Chilly is the most common while rarest is Poley.

What I found most amusing about this particular post was one of the comments: "Kinda surprised about the Lump of Coal. I figured that'd be something nearly everyone would've gotten after a week or so of doing the daily."

HAH, I say. HAH.

Really though, Lumpy being nearly on par with pets that require RL money... that says just how bad of a droprate it is. And yes, I realize that this is just a small sample size, plus the first year in which Lumpy is offered therefore a likely somewhat inaccurate breakdown for this specific companion. Still. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the droprate or the holiday loot system, does it?


  1. I'm surprised how rare the fox kit apparently is.

  2. Yeah, I got angry when I saw that breakdown last night with how uncommon Lumpy is. Even though there's still quite a few days left, I've become fairly bummed out over it. I refuse to do the quest on any other characters because if I got him on any toon BUT my pet collector, I'd be incredibly upset.

    I think the most frustrating thing is seeing people who doesn't care about pets go 'Oh hey neat, a blue.' Grrr....

  3. @Heartfruit: At least the Fox Kit is above most of the companions that cost quite a bit of RL money on the full stats breakdown list. Seeing Lumpy so low... it's just discouraging. >_<

    @Saberella: Normally, I'd be quite happy for those that just happened to get Lumpy even though they aren't active pet collectors. Maybe it will inspire them to take on the challenge of finding and collecting more pets!

    Yea, normally I'd be happy for them...except those that really do care about receiving Lumpy are left out in the cold which is just so disappointing. And with less than one week of attempts left, hope is fading quite fast. Why can't both sides win? :(

  4. Not surprised at all about the rareness of the Fox Kit. Been attempting various times to farm that lil' bugger, still without any succes.

    People seriously commented about being surprised about Lumpys rareness? Just because they had it in week 1 doesn't mean everyone did...

    My condoleances to anyone whom won't get Lumpy be the end of Winter Veil. I won't do the daily anymore for sure, seriously burned out. This new Winter Veil will always be marked for me as being RNGveil.

  5. @Maru: Yea, normally I enjoy Winter Veil quite a bit, but 2011's event was an absolute downer. From here on out it will be "Winter Evil" for me (harr... see what I didn't there? :P)

    I really can't support any holiday with a RNG loot bag only dropped companion. Blizzard needs to do away with such an archaic system since it just does not pair well with the new once per day holiday model.


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