Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All About the Pandas

I guess in celebration and anticipation of the next WoW expansion, MoP, Blizzard's cutting the price of the Pandaren Monk in half! Normally this martial arts, beer drinking bundle of fluff is sold for $10 (USD) from the official Blizzard PetStore, but from now until December 19 you can purchase the monk pet for $5.

Time to spread the panda love this holiday season? Here's a monk for your monk so you can monk! :P


  1. This reduction is only on the North American pet store.

  2. @Anonymous: Sadly, this is true. I wonder why they are selling only the NA Pandaren Monk for a reduced price?

  3. Maybe not enough people bought them in NA? And blizz are trying to spread the cute panda love about.


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