Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome to the Faire!

It's finally here! The Darkmoon Faire! First night and guess who I found enjoying the petting zoo area? XD

I gave Breanni a hug and made sure to pet the little penguins wandering around the area. :) Such nice and cute details are what makes events like the DMF so neat.

The Sea Pony was a quick catch for me as well as many of my guildies. Only 10 casts and I reeled mine in! I'm not sure if Blizzard will nerf the droprate or not (I've heard some players are having far less luck with fishing up this pet). We'll see.

I've completed all my dailies and profession quests, so now I'm just working on the miscellaneous quest to collect 250 trophies. It seems as though you need to have the killing blow for it to count and give you the ear. This is unfortunate for healers in 5 man dungeons and battlegrounds, and I guess that means I'll be heading out to grind out trophies on my own.

I'm also on the hunt for all the DMF artifacts. So far I've found two from the new 5 man dungeons, the Imbued Crystal and Mysterious Grimoire. Two out of five artifacts, not a bad start! I haven't been brave enough to wander into bgs yet, though. :P

So with artifact hunting, trophy grinding, and daily completing, I'll be keeping busy for a bit! My goal is to purchase at least one pet this week, but we'll see. With the reduced number of tickets rewarded for completing the dailies, I'll definitely need to find more artifacts to turn in to collect enough tickets to buy a pet.

Biggest dilemma? Which pet to buy first! :P


  1. About 100 casts for Sea Pony :)

  2. @Cleophis: Grats! The Sea Pony's such a sweet pet :)

  3. I think either I'm unlucky or it's back to being rarer... I'm sitting at over 300 casts and still no cute lil pet... fingers crossed it'll be soon! I have other parts of the faire to explore :)

  4. Got it! Just shy of 600 casts :) It's funny how seeing that bit of blue makes you forget how frustrating it is to get it!

  5. @Saberella: Congrats on your Sea Pony! I agree. A pet at the end of the road always makes the lengthy walk worth it. :D

  6. Hmm, I wonder if you can still collect the Darkmoon Faire artifacts when the faire isn't available, I don't think the adventurer's journal is destroyed afterwards.

  7. @Anonymous: As far as I know, yes, the artifacts should still drop after the event's over. That's how it worked on the PTR, but Blizzard may have changed it since then. I'm crossing my fingers for artifact drops even after the DMF is over!


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