Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stolen Present Surprise?

According to a tweet from Atlasloot and a Wowhead comment, there may be a chance that players will be able to loot the old and original bot pet from 2007, the Clockwork Rocket Bot, from this year's daily reward, the Stolen Present. Currently no one's sure if this is a bug or if this is an intended drop (along with Lumpy), so we'll have to wait and see how things play out. I'm curious to find out if the Clockwork Rocket Bot is still BoP or BoE if looted from the Stolen Present!

Edit: Atlasloot says it's still BoP even if looted from the Stolen Present. Sadness. :( Guess that means I'll be destroying bots on the toons that already have it. Poor pets... I delete you with love, promise!

Update: Wowhead comments are reporting that the Greench now has 3.4m hp, and the quest objectives can be completed even if you're not part of the kill. The Stolen Treats can be looted and Metzen can be freed by anyone for a few minutes after the Greench dies. So it would seem that the mob is not instanced and is more like a world "boss" now, but the quest objectives aren't exclusive to the party that kills him. *sigh of relief*


  1. 3.4 million I believe.

  2. @Anonymous: Whoops, that sounds more reasonable than 34 million. XD

  3. Gnome Helpers now mount reindeers whenever the player uses a land mount!

  4. @Gorman: Just saw and made a post about it! Very cute :)

  5. Also, there is a chance for the MiniZep remote to drop in the daily present. I ended up looting three clockwork bots and one minizep on one character.


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