Friday, December 2, 2011

But I'm Not a Greench!

Blizzard released their official guide to the new 4.3 pets, and have confirmed another new holiday pet, Lumpy! It can be found within a Stolen Present, which is rewarded for completing the new Feast of Winter Veil level 80 daily quest You're a Mean One....

Since this is a daily quest, I'm wondering if it's supposed to act like the other holiday loot bag companions, and Lumpy will not have a 100% droprate. One try per day throughout the in-game event, except the "holiday boss" isn't in a 5 man dungeon this time. Hmmm! We'll have to wait and see.

Although Lumpy will probably share the same model as Pebble and other rocky elementals, I think it's kind of cute that he's a piece of coal. Who says receiving a lump of coal during the holidays has to be a bad thing? Not I, especially if it comes in mini-pet form in-game! :P I wonder if it will have any idle animations. Being coal... will it be flammable? lol!


  1. Yay!!!! (doing happy dance!) thanks for the heads up!

  2. @Cindy: You're welcome. It's exciting news isn't it? :D Makes me even more eager for the Winter Veil event!

  3. in Spain you get a lump of sugar that is dyed and shaped to look like coal (but taste so good... but not great for the teeth, makes them very black). It's actually a treat there - I think lumpy might feel the same! :D (a sweet little treat I mean)

  4. @Lynara: Haha, I agree! I'm really looking forward to Lumpy even if he's just a piece of coal. :)


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