Saturday, December 3, 2011

DMF Pets Will Take Longer

Just confirmed on an oceanic realm that the number of tickets rewarded for dailies has been reduced. Unlike on the PTR where the dailies awarded 5 tickets, they only award 1 ticket on live servers.

This drastically reduces the number of tickets earned each month, and will change the number of pets that can be purchased. It also means it's going to take longer than 3 faires before all six pets can be acquired.

Bummer! I'll have to redo my calculations on my Darkmoon Prize Tickets page.

If my calculations are correct, in an ideal situation (that means 8 days worth of dailies PLUS turning in all of the profession quests, misc quest, and artifacts) it will take AT LEAST 4 months for players to acquire all six DMF companions.

Completing the dailies for all 7 days, the profession quests, and the one misc quest would mean it would take at least 5 months to collect all the new pets. This calculation doesn't include turning in any of the artifacts.

So while it's not a huuuu~uge change, going from 3 months to a minimum of 4 or 5 is a bit of a downer. Not to mention that there's no guarantee on finding or winning any of the DMF artifacts. Oh, that and the change so that some of the artifacts are Bind on Pick Up instead of Bind on Use. I guess it just means pet collectors will be grinding on dailies for longer than first anticipated.

Note: Although Blizzard has officially stated that any artifacts found within dungeons are BoP, I can place them on the AH and mail them. This might also mean they're tradable. I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug.


  1. Oh Bummer! (sad face here) will have to make sure i don't miss a day..... Big sigh!!

  2. @Cindy: Part of me is disappointed, but another part feels like this might be a good thing. It may mean I'll have something to look forward to each month for a bit longer now. We'll see.

  3. That sucks. Good news is I got my sea pony in 4 casts. :)

  4. Got 5 of the PvP ones in one battle ground, used two and stuck the rest on the AH. Worse comes to worst, can always buy the PvP ones.

  5. @pandy: Yea, it's disappointing, but some changes were bound to happen going from PTR to live server. It's a shame that it's not a change that speeds up the collecting process, though! :P

    @Doobjank: The PVP DMF artifacts seem to be the easiest ones to get, so I guess even though I'm no fan of bgs or PVP, I'll be participating in my share of killing other players (although getting killed by other players is more realistic haha) just for pets! XD

  6. I'm glad you posted this Quint. I was going crazy trying to work out why I wouldn't be able to get two pets this week.

    Sea Pony in 16 casts though.

  7. @Raax: I'm only sorry that I got people's hopes up (my own included) with my initial DMF tickets post after previewing it on the PTR. It's such a shame they changed the number of tickets rewarded for the dailies.

    Grats on the Sea Pony! :D

  8. Not sure if anyone already knows this yet but the ninth artifact (Soothsayer's Runes) is a raid drop. It dropped off Shannox hc on our Firelands run last night and all 6 of us in the raid with the field guide could loot it.

  9. @Epiktetos: Updated the DMF tickets page! I'm glad that everyone with the DMF Adventurer's Guide can pick up the raid dropped artifact. It would be super rare and a highly sought after item if only one person out of 10 or 25 people could get it!


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