Thursday, December 15, 2011

I've Been Very Bad, Promise!

Well, day 1 of Winter Veil yielded no Lumpy. At least the new daily was quick and painless (hooray for riding on another group's Greench kill? lol).

One day down, 18 more chances left. Despite this being one of the longer in-game holiday events, one chance per day where it's completely out of my control whether or not I randomly receive the new pet... let's just say it doesn't induce very festive feelings in me. Hopefully Great Father Winter hears my plea and decides to give me a "Lump of Coal" before the event ends. Sigh.

But in more lighthearted news, we finally get to see what the updated Winter Veil companions do when the holiday is actually in full swing! Both the Winter Helpers summon and ride their own miniature reindeer when you mount up on a ground mount. Pretty cute!

The Tiny Snowman also gets a holiday upgrade, and he's MUCH larger when brought out during the Feast of Winter Veil. Not to mention he doesn't instantly topple over when summoned. Yay :)

So here's to many more dailies in my near future, but hopefully not TOO many more before Lumpy graces me with an appearance in my Stolen Present...


  1. Remember that in MOP that pets become account wide. I plan to do this quest on all my alts so even if I don't get Lumpy on my main, I will have it when MOP comes out.

  2. @Zoros: Even though Blizzard has announced they'll be trying out account wide pets in MoP, my goal's to get it on my main which is the only toon I actively collect pets on.

    They haven't released the full feature of how account bound pets will work, and I really don't want to risk having a pet on an alt when I don't even know all the details of what "account bound" may mean or will entail.

    So I'm pretty much stuck in a tough spot for now.

  3. I agree. I only collect on my main. I will keep going until my main has it. But at least I don't feel as hopeless as I did with the Frostling, watching as my odds go down each day.

  4. Waiting for Lumpy too... Have you seen that you can dance with Snowman ? :D

  5. @Cleophis: Try /wave and /kiss while targeting the snowman too! He's a sweetheart :D


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