Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Odds Are Against You

It's one thing coming from a biased pet collector like me, who has something to lose when it comes to completing the daily each day during this holiday. But when a guildmate tries it for the first time, one who has nothing to lose and doesn't collect pets at all, comments "how was that supposed to be fun?" and asks why anyone would do the daily/subject themselves to such disappointing rewards everyday, it really speaks volumes about this RNG holiday loot system.

Still no Lumpy, and I have a feeling I simply won't be seeing him on my main toon this year. Sorry, Pebble. You won't be seeing a new playmate any time soon. Blizzard wants you to remain lonely for a while longer.


  1. I got Lumpy on my brother's toon on the first day, on my alt on the second day and still don't have it on my main (who is my pet collector.) What ever happened to holiday pets being BoE =(

  2. I feel your pain. I don't have Lumpy yet either.
    I can't bring myself to try on an alt, just in case I get him on the wrong character.

    Maybe tomorrow.....

  3. No Lumpy as well... And I haven't alt to try more often.

  4. @Quidamtyra: Only the holiday companions that are sold from vendors were changed to BoE. There are still a few that are BoP, unfortunately. :\

    @Raax: I'm guessing Blizzard just doesn't fully understand the mentality of a collector, or they don't wish to do anything to accommodate the desire to keep the collection on one "main" collector. They've shown the ability to change how items are bound, yet there's no budging when it comes to certain pets. It's quite frustrating.

    @Cleophis: /Comfort. Receiving it on an alt isn't as satisfactory as finding Lumpy on a main collector imo.


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