Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Gut is Always Right

If there was a competition for "most psychic", my gut would be a pretty good contender.

Did my usual round of log in, do dailies, and get disappointed this Christmas morning, except with the slight difference in disappointment.

Upon logging in, I just had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Part of me knew that I would experience a different type of disappointment today. It was just one of those gut feelings, yenno?

It's not THE worst case scenario ("the" worst scenario would be not seeing Lumpy AT ALL), but it's still a pretty undesirable outcome: I found Lumpy... while on a non-collecting alt character.

You'd think that bit of blue text would send me into a fit of overwhelming joy and relief, except it didn't. I'm pretty bummed out still.

It would be different if Blizzard could guarantee all companions will be Bind on Account in the expansion or near future. Or perhaps more details on the new BoA system to help reinforce that this feature will really be implemented "soon". Right now I just don't have the confidence in Blizzard's claim of BoA pets, to believe that finding a companion pet on an alt is of any benefit or worth to me. And maybe I'm just too stubborn, but even with that guarantee I think I would still be disheartened about receiving Lumpy on an alt rather than my main collector.

Needless to say, I didn't learn Lumpy on my alt. I'm going to hold out until my main gets it or hope that Blizzard has a heart and makes Lumpy BoE or BoA (before MoP). For now, it's going to just sit in my bags while my main toon continues to be disappointed day after day.

There is still about one week before the end of the in-game event, which translates to 8 attempts left. I'm really discouraged at this point though, and haven't found the heart to log in to do anything else except raid during raid time and complete the Winter Veil daily.

Part of me wonders why I even bother to put myself through this type of stress and anxiety. It doesn't get any better or any easier with each new pet added for a holiday. The RNG just keeps beating you down until you're pretty much doing it out of habit or routine rather than to experience the fun.

There has to be a better way.

What would PVE players think if they were allowed only two weeks out of the year to roll ONCE per day for a chance at a piece of epic gear? I'm sure all hell would break loose on the forums and Blizzard would have no choice but to rethink and redesign their loot system.

The excuse with continuing this holiday RNG monstrosity of a system is that it's "optional" and it doesn't really impact gameplay (a vanity). Well the term optional is relative and gameplay is subjective. To a PVP'er, RP clothes is optional and getting that last cloth piece for a "fun" set doesn't have much effect on their gameplay. Yet for a RP'er to NOT complete their costume would be unacceptable and would have a large effect on their gameplay. It's the same thing for a pet collector. One pet out of many actually does make a difference, and whenever possible or wherever applicable, collecting a pet is NOT optional and IS the gameplay.

Anyway, another rant for the end of the year. If I had to find the silver lining in this it would be that my gut has yet to fail me when it comes to predicting things. So cheers to that at least. Heh.


  1. I wish Lumpy was as rare as the sinister squashing was. At the very least BoE, One last BlizzFail to close out the year I guess!

  2. I'm going to hold out until my main gets it or hope that Blizzard has a heart and makes Lumpy BoE or BoA (before MoP)

    I don't think that's what Blizzard meant by pets being BoA. I think what they meant was that you'll have a single pet collection which can be accessed from any character on your account. They said the purpose of this is so you don't have to level up multiple versions of the same pet for pet battles.

  3. While Santa at last found me naughty enough to give me Lumpy on my main, getting this pet did not fill me with joy. My first thought was how many pet collectors would be missing out on this pet, because Blizzard came with such a retarded limited time RNGfest. The daily gave me nothing my stress.

    I really hope they become BoE like the Sinister Squashling...

  4. @Anonymous Dec 25: BoE would be preferred, that way collectors don't run into this mess of getting Lumpy on a toon that has no use for it.

    @Anonymous Dec 26: No, I understand what Blizzard's intention is for BoA companions in the expansion. What I meant was that if they decide to make holiday pets Bind on Account before the new system is set into place. They've changed how items are bound before, so there's always that teeny tiny off-chance that they might make Lumpy BoE or tradable between only your toons before the Account Wide feature. Realistically, it's VERY SMALL chance they'll do this, but... well it's either hope for that or hope for nothing at all.

    @Maru: This system is definitely why I'm against any new holiday pets. It's devastating for those who just can't get the dice to roll right, and it's not like the players did anything wrong either. This system makes pet collectors feel so helpless and that they're being punished for no reason.

    There are plenty of good ideas floating around out there to make it work so that Blizzard can be satisfied that they're not just handing items out, and collectors (RNG lovers and haters) can compromise and find a more neutral ground. Why it seems like Blizzard hasn't taken these suggestions into account and given them some serious consideration... it's beyond me.

  5. The same thing happened to me with the Headless Horseman/Brewfest mounts and a few Ice Chips on alts, but Blizzard just loves to pretend it's RNG and torment you.

    Not to sound pessimistic, but I went and checked the Ice Chip/Toxic Wasteling (the other 'contained' pets), and they're still BoP -- and the pets that recently changed from BoP to BoU were all pets purchased via vendor (i.e. Truesilver Shafted Arrow, Spring Rabbit's Foot, the upcoming Lanterns, etc.).

    I really hope they would make more of those sasonal RNG pets/mounts BoA, I don't see any harm in doing so, it's not like people can make gold through it, or abuse it in some way.

    Anyways, good luck with Lumpy!

  6. @uDH: Yea, the only holidays pets that were changed from Bind on Pick Up to Bind on Use were companions that could be purchased from a vendor. But like I said before, it's either hope for BoA or hope for nothing at all. At this point I'm doing the daily out of routine more than anything.

    I don't see the harm in changing special holiday items to BoA either. It would give those with alts a few extra chances for the item, since BoA would mean a player could try for it on different characters, but is that really such a bad thing? It would still fall in line with once per day, per toon rule, except collectors wouldn't be stuck with the short end of the stick if they get a desired "vanity" item on an undesirable toon.


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