Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rock Beats Scissors

But not if my scissors happens to be the Jaws of Life. :P

I'm actually still quite sick but against my better judgement, I'm up and writing about the latest contest! Inspired by the news of the upcoming MoP Pet Battles Feature, Breanni has challenged all WarcraftPets users to use the new little website feature to create their own pet battle scenario. And there are PRIZES!

NOTE: The feature is a standalone and fun mini-game, and does not necessarily reflect how the actual in-game MoP Pet Battle feature will work. There's currently no information on how the WoW system will function.

The website mini-game is pretty straight forward, and you can get quite creative with it. The biggest catch is that each pet has to have an ability that makes sense. So for example, my Elwynn Lamb couldn't lob acid rain down its opponent, because 1 - lambs aren't acidic in anyway, shape, or form (unless... it's a mutant lamb...), 2 - that pet doesn't do that in-game at all. But on the other hand, maybe the Toxic Wasteling would have an acid rain ability, or heck.. if you're brave enough, give Stinker that power. He sure smells awful powerful enough. :P

Anyway, there are lots of REALLY awesome prizes (Dragon Kite... *drool* one day, one day!), and it's just a very cute way to pass the time in general.

I'm not going to list out all the prizes or lay out the rules in its entirety. To learn more and then to enter, check out this post here: WarcraftPets Pet Battle Contest!

Good luck to all those entering! Have fun with it and get creative. :)

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