Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Flaming Fire Kitty Fun

Don't know if anyone remembers my first screenshot as a fire kitten with the Disgusting Oozeling out, but the fire kitty is back and this time... a SUPER fire flaming cat!

One might ask, "But Quint? How does a fire cat become a SUPER fire flaming cat?"

The answer of course, is to eat your fill of fiery pets! My druid's favorite being the Phoenix Hatchling. I mean, cats naturally enjoy poultry yes? :P

I kid, I kid. I'd never eat my little friends. ...Unless it's the Plump Turkey after it's "sensed its destiny", in which case I'll make an exception. :9

Disclaimer: It is not recommended players eat their non-combat companions, and instead players should try the Wild Winter Pilsner for the extra flaming effect. ^^

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