Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going As Planned

The DMF is over for this month, and thankfully Blizzard was able to resolve the issue with the bugged artifacts.

I petitioned a GM and they quickly gave me 10 tickets for both the artifacts. At first the tickets were actual items and not currency (therefore not usable to purchase anything), but they swiftly responded by adding them to my currency tab once I mentioned it. Glad to see that they are taking responsibility for this past month's flaws in the DMF event, even if they couldn't fix everything in one week and some will have to wait until next month.

So despite the scare and the bump in the road, I'm currently still on track for purchasing the remaining three DMF pets. As long as I keep hunting for the artifacts and doing the dailies each month, everything should go as planned. Hopefully.

Next up: Lunar Festival! I've already spoken with a guildmate about assisting me with transferring the horde version of the Lunar Festival pets (Festival Lantern) through the neutral AH, and if both pets remain at the price that the armory has them listed as, I might even make some time to gather even more Coins of Ancestry to buy a couple lanterns from either side. Just in case someone might want to trade. :) They'd also make great gifts later in the year too.


  1. I just found this out yesterday, but apparently as long as people don't zone out/come across a loading screen, they can stay at the faire as long as they want. I saw a few people on my server who went to the faire right before 11:59pm (Saturday), waited three hours for the dailies to roll over to squeeze one more set of DMF quests. I'm sure that's not working as intended, and I had better things to do at 4 AM so I haven't tried it myself, but hopefully it's something they will fix for upcoming faires.

    I'm definitely looking forward for the next few events. Aside from the Lunar Festival, they've added a new Valenties mount which can be purchased with 270 tokens (, and it's a strider that looks exactly like the Mulgore Hatchling!

    Also a new Noblegarden mount purchased with 500 choclates (

  2. @uDH: That's a pretty interesting bug, but sounds sketchy. Like suspension/bannable worthy if you get caught. :\

    If I collected mounts I'd be really excited for the Mulgore Hatchling look-a-like mount. It's fun pairing pets with mounts. :) I wonder what the Noblegarden mount will look like. Swift Springstrider... a white one maybe?

  3. Unless it's changed since it was on mmo-champ a month or so back it's a sort of whiteish-grey colour. It's also worth noting that it's also obtainable as a very rare drop from the eggs during Noblegarden.


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