Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lunar Festival Soon!

UPDATE: So! Something interesting that I discovered, "Honoring every elder will grant you 75 Coin of Ancestry..."

Is this true? Can anyone confirm? Why oh why wasn't I made aware of this sooner?! If this is true for this year's Lunar Festival, the final total for visiting EVERY elder will be 159 coins, which is enough to purchase not one or two, but THREE of the same lantern pet. Great news for many pet collectors who will be looking to "trade" for the opposing faction pet.

Those who won't be able to find all the elders due to level restrictions should still be able to acquire enough coins to purchase one pet, though. I think hey'll need to be roughly level 60 though.

See comments in this post for further discussion on this (unconfirmed) possibility.


The Lunar Festival is nearly upon us and I find myself nowhere near ready! XD I have yet to open up a character spot for a horde DK, which I will use to go around, gathering enough coins to purchase the horde version of the new Lunar Festival pets (Lunar Lantern and Festival Lantern).

So far Wowhead's guide is confirming that the new pets will be faction favored, but if the official armory is correct, a single character should be able to learn both pets (it shows both the new pets in your toon's "Not Collected" section which implies that in the end you can have both). Now it's just a matter of collecting enough currency and then getting the pet across the Neutral AH... *shudder*

Oh and if Wowhead's guide is up-to-date and correct, I'm not seeing any new dailies or other sources for Coins of Ancestry. This may have changed but we'll just have to wait and see.

IF this IS the case, though, keep in mind that there are ONLY 84 Elders total, which means a single character would only be able to earn 84 coins. This is unfortunately not enough for one toon to purchase two of the same pet (one to keep and one to "trade" with an opposing faction buddy or otherwise). It also means that if you plan on using the Neutral AH to trade a pet with someone on the opposite side, you pretty much only get one shot at it. If another player or a bot snipes your pet, you'll be out of luck.

...Unless you have a bunch of high level alts that you can fall back on to collect more coins and try again. Heh.

Again, we'll have to wait and see once the festival starts on the 22 of this month. Perhaps Blizzard updated this holiday and there will be other ways to earn enough currency to purchase more than one pet per toon.

One last thing, WowInsider also has a detailed guide on where to find the Elders. I'm particularly fond of their description on where to find the Dungeon Elders.

So again, good luck to all pet collectors! :)


  1. I believe the 75 coins referred to in the Wowhead guide are just the total coins from the 75 elders that were available last year. (The 9 Cataclysm elders are new to this year's event.)

  2. Um, are you sure you read that correctly? When I read this, it seems like "you'll have 75 coins once you've honored every elder," Not "if you honor every elder, you get a bonus of 75 coins."

  3. That is old info - There were 75 elders hence honouring every elder will give 75 coins.

  4. @Gorman, Anonymous 08:38 AM, Anonymous 01:33 PM: The wording's not very clear that the total you should end up with is "X" and I interpreted it as you'll receive one coin per elder and then some. If there is no bonus, then... sadness. T_T

    Someone may want to poke perculia to update that portion of the guide if that's not how it was intended to be read, since it was also added to the most recent Lunar Festival Guide. :P

  5. I can confirm that my horde DK has just collected all 84 coins on a fresh character and did not see any bonus quest or reward for doing so.

  6. I heard something about this the other week, not sure if it is correct though

  7. @Anonymous Jan 24 & Online Pet Advice: Yea, it appears there is no bonus for visiting all the Elders, although I definitely think there should be one. :P


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