Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forced to Take it Easy

The Lunar Festival pets are here! And normally I would have already added them to my collection by now, but life has hit me with an on-going fever. So while I'd love to be able to go about collecting the coins and earning those pretty little lamps, I'm just going to have to wait a little longer before taking a more serious and strenuous approach. To be able to enjoy pixels, one needs life, and to be able to maintain life, one must address any serious threats that pop up in Real Life. :P

Thankfully the event lasts for about 3 weeks, so I should have enough time to eventually collect the two companions. Just going to have to limit myself to visiting only a few Elders per day instead of the mass continent hopping that I normally like to do.

I really do hope I'm well enough before February since the DMF and Vday in-game event will be arriving together. I'm also hoping that there's nothing extraordinarily new (*cough* NO NEW DUNGEON LOOT BAG DROPPED PETS PLZ! *cough*) for the Valentine's Day holiday. If there is, that might just send me into a relapse due to the added weight of anxiety/stress on top of my slow recovery and then... well I'll be a very sad druid.

There's so much I'd love to be doing! But you just can't ignore it when life tells you to slow down and take it a bit easier. I'm just thankful this situation occurred during THIS in-game event. Any other seasonal event and I might have wound up sinking into a major depression due to the many factors that make pet collecting during those other holidays so intense.

So wait for me little lanterns! Hopefully I'll be picking both of you up soon.


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