Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't Provoke the Suicidal Turkey!

ok, so the Plump Turkey jumping into fires was cute and amusing... at first. but now whenever i pull this pet out to just ENJOY it, rather than see it commit suicide, there's always at least one smart ass who thinks it would be amusing to watch my turkey die.

that's one of the downsides of companion pets who interact with the environment around them. it's often hard to mitigate and control, sometimes making it a headache for the actual pet owners.

this isn't a call for a change. i wouldn't want blizzard to stop implementing vanity pet + environment interaction. that would remove a lot of the existing and future interesting and fun animations. this is more of a frustration rant, heh.

so for now, unless i'm feeling morbid, i'll be summoning my turkey as far away from fire as possible. it will be up to make to take care of my sensitive feathery friend because no one else will!
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