Monday, December 21, 2009

Pet of the Week - Obsidian Hatchling

the obsidian hatchling was my first baby raptor pet. i made sure to log out near breanni in dalaran so i could buy it as soon as i logged in. :)

why i love it
it's a miniature version of an adult raptor, what's not to love? his colors are darling, and he makes the cutest raptor squeal i've ever heard. the way he taps his big toe with that menacing looking claw of his makes me /lol. it's almost as if he's saying 'hurry up! i'm waiting! /taps foot'

what i really love about it, though, is that although he's a vendor pet (unlimited supply no less), he's unique. this means he's easily accessible for lower level collectors or those who just don't have the time/gold to get a raptor hatchling elsewhere. everyone can at least have one baby raptor because of this little guy.

what i would change
if i could think of an idle animation for him, i would probably give him that animation. except i'm not sure what animation would fit his namesake. the other baby raptors have animations that fit their name. the darting one "darts" around for example. but an obsidian hatchling? hmm... this may take some thought.

other than that, though, i don't think i would change a thing. he even does that classic "raptor-sigh" XD
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