Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patch Day!

i was one of the lucky ones who managed to log in prior to the huge battle.net issue and log in lockout. at first i thought the core hound pup was a mistake like the op shirt that was unintentionally sent to a player by a GM. it really did seem like a mistake since only a handful of people online at the time got one too.

imagine how overjoyed i was when i found out that it was really a pet reward for having a blizzard authenticator attached to your account! i seriously thought that the pup would be part of the next expansion or a blizzard pet store item.

*insert eeeeeee here*

so i am more than pleased with this patch already! even if the toxic wasteling didn't go live... that we know of.. *dundundun*

anyway, the albino snake and calico cat are just as lovely. :) i snagged them as soon as i zoned into dalaran. (but my favorite between the two would have to be the albino snake tbh. :P)

i'm still working on the perky pug. after a few hours of solo and duo queuing , i managed to get 36/50 pugs. many many more to go x_x this one may take me a couple days since i have to squeeze it in between raiding and other in-game/RL things. a person's gotta sleep sometime!

the pugs that i've gotten so far have been pretty average. none of them were complete fails so far, except for the one that bugged me out and i got ported straight to dalaran instead of the instance. i ended up leaving that one and getting the LFG deserter debuff. -_- stupid bugs.

so many pets this patch! that alone makes this one of my favorite patches :D
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