Saturday, December 5, 2009

WarcraftPets Contest

i just sent in my submission for the Suggest a Pet Contest being held at, sponsored by!

i really don't want to get my hopes up, since i know there will be MANY MANY entries. it's tough to not hope, though. oh well, we'll see what happens.

even if i don't win, i think this is still a wonderful idea. not only will it give the entire collecting community a chance to officially voice their ideas (we're never short of pet ideas and creations XD), there's a small chance that blizzard may take notice and expand on one of our ideas or two. at the very least, i'm sure the blizzard devs will be amused. :)

this contest is also awesome because it doesn't require picaso-like art skillz! ...which i'm lacking. lol. a lot of contests are based on created art of different mediums. i've dabbled in drawing, painting, and some graphics art, but none of which were award winning. (think refrigerator art haha)

so a contest that only requires one to follow directions, fill out a form, and get creative is perfect for me!

and unlike the many other 'sign-up here, get a chance to win' contests, i feel like i'm actually contributing something meaningful (that isn't exceptionally tedious or difficult to come up with). not just a user account.

ahhh, december 11th couldn't come any sooner!
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