Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pet of the Week - Peanut

peanut was the first pet i chose from the outlands children's day quests. i was ecstatic because i had a pet that matched my then new purple elekk mount. :P

why i love it
peanut is the definition of adorable. he acts just like the older versions of himself, minus the saddle and mount on his back. whenever he stands up on his hind-legs and trumpets, it makes me 'awww'. although he's not as big as a full grown elekk, he certainly has a big heart. :)

i adore his size. he's one of the larger vanity pets, and you'd think that would defeat the purpose of a miniature companion, right? nope. he goes perfectly with my elekk mount! give him a pet biscuit and then we may have a problem of large baby elekks trampling on people's feet.... :P

what i would change
i would definitely create peanut to be one of the pets that changes color upon each summon. much like the nether ray fry, there are many different colors of the full grown mount. so why aren't there many different colors of their baby counterparts?

other than that, i wouldn't change a thing. his animation's cute, his vocalizations are what you would expect from a baby elekk, and he's overall very eye pleasing.
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