Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TCG Pets

Mr. awesome just bought me the tuskarr kite. thank you, a million times, thank you!

but i wonder, what do most people do with the loot cards after they've redeemed them? throw them out? try to resell them back to a card shop? unless you play the card game, i don't see how useful these cards can be after you've redeemed their codes.

i plan on keeping the cards for sentimental reasons. it's rare for me to have any TCG pets in general (all gifts and all greatly appreciated <3), so i feel as though the cards, redeemed or not, are extra special.

i even have a nifty little card holder so they won't get scratched or dusty :)

the tuskarr kite is so silly, btw. i can summon it while in bird form, but instead of flying by my side or above me (like you'd think a normal kite would)... it flies beneath me.

hopefully this kite won't get me in trouble during raids XD

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