Monday, December 14, 2009

Pet of the Week - Giant Sewer Rat

wow-wee, patch had me busy all week! late post is late.

this week's pet is the giant sewer rat. fishing him up was really a stroke of luck for me. i managed to get him after only about 10 minutes. someone had already been fishing in the area (for what appeared to be a long time), so by the time i came along and they left, i guess that the RNG had caught up with the casts. i just got lucky and was the one present when it happened.

why i love it
can you say... HUGE? gi-GANTIC? e-NORMOUS? in terms of large pets, i believe he's one of the biggest when he stands up. it's adorable in a flea-infested, plague-spreading type of way. haha. normally i'm not one for rats, but because he looks so clean and pristine, he almost reminds me of the pet mice that are sold in real pet stores. those are cute!

at the very least, this one is unique. he's a rat.... but he's so much more too!

what i would change
upon closer inspection of this little (big) guy, he's missing his whiskers! how can a rat or mouse go without their whiskers?! if he had whiskers, i'd also add a new idle animation where he occasionally sits back on his hind legs and cleans his face and ears. very reminiscent of a real rodent imo :)

he's also a mute, lacking the classic rat/mouse squeaks. then again, i'm not sure if i'd want to hear the squeak from something as large as him. it might sound more like a bark than a squeak o_o heh.
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