Monday, December 28, 2009

Pet of the Week - Blue Moth

well unfortunately, Greatfather Winter didn't feel pet collectors were good enough this year. no new pets under the in-game evergreen. oh well. i'll send him a letter next year hinting for a baby evergreen Teldrassil Sproutling that's constantly being showered with snow and covered with ornaments and festive lights. :P

anyway, this week's pet is the blue moth. i remember it took me a while to actually go and pick up this moth as well as its brothers/sisters from exodar. mainly because exodar was out of the way and so damn hard to navigate at the time. it took some determination on my part to finally head over and buy all of the moths. heh.

why i love it
it's absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity. the colors remind me of the hyacinth macaw. and as we all know, blues and purples even in their most primal colored state have "special" meaning in the world of warcraft. (see: rare and epic)

blizzard has kindly instructed all the moths to attend flight school so that they may keep up with flying mounts. so that's a definite plus!

as with moths irl, they really don't have a special sound that they make, so the lack of sound save for the constant wing flutter is indeed appropriate.

what i would change
one thing i would change would be its size. for a moth, it's quite gigantic. i don't know about everyone else, cute or not, if a moth that size (in relation to me) came up to me one day, i'd have a very hard time convincing myself to NOT run away or smack it out of my face with a rolled up newspaper. (i have a thing with insects, specifically GIANT insects >_<)

then again, shrinking this companion's size would most likely reduce the visibility of the finer details such as the dust floating around its wings or the antenna feathering. i'm torn about its size.

a commenter over at had a suggestion of maybe giving this moth as well as all the others a light sensitivity animation, where it would be obsessively attracted to light.

but to me, this moth, with all its vibrant and glorious colors, is a moth of a higher standard and breed. to see it scamper over to a campfire or light-post and hover around it compulsively seems demeaning to both me and my moth. it would add a bit of fun and hilarity to this pet, yes, but it would remove that regal and formal air that it currently holds so well.
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