Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cataclysm CE Pet

mmo-champ has news that blizzard has officially released information for the cataclysm collector's edition.

and the CE pet is.... lil' deathwing! (as if we didn't already know :P)

i still haven't decided whether or not i'll be getting the collector's edition. to this day i have yet to own ANY of the world of warcraft expansion CE pets (mini thor is kind of an exception since it's technically not wow heh). i don't know if i want to break this tradition of "missing" CE companions, or if i want to splurge and finally get my first one. it's a trivial dilemma, but a dilemma nonetheless.

in light of this official announcement, i'm surprised that blizzard still hasn't released information on the blizzcon in-game redeemable "item." there's no word on what it will be yet. not even a hint. a pet? a mount? a costume? nothing so far. i ended up taking the plunge and purchasing the internet stream anyway though. i would have preferred if there was an announcement on the item before i went ahead and bought the "virtual ticket" but oh well. it's not as if i'll be losing anything (i hope?)
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