Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Withers for Horde

as mentioned in a previous post, alliance players will have a new companion quest reward from darkshore in cataclysm. there was some speculation that this pet may not make it into live since there didn't appear to be any horde equivalent, however thanks to some comments on the beta forums, it's confirmed that withers is available for horde too!

withers is purchasable from an undead NPC named apothecary furrows, located within the cliffspring falls cave in darkshore. he sells the companion for 30 silver.

(click the image for a bigger version)

note that he is also an NPC that alliance need to kill to obtain a quest item, so if he isn't there when you visit the cave, wait a few moments for him to respawn.

hopefully this is a sign that withers is here to stay and will go live with the release of cataclysm! i'm pretty excited since this will make doing the darkshore quest chain that much more meaningful for me in the expansion. (even if withers doesn't go live, i plan on visiting the area and doing all the quests because that's just how awesomely revamped the zone is!) *insert squee here* :)
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