Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini WHO?!

we all knew it had to happen some time. this was inevitable imo.

mmo-champion found a mini deathwing in the cataclysm beta files and has a video and screenshots!! (c'mon, who didn't see this coming? blizzard devs aren't THAT tricksy :P)

i'm slightly tired of seeing the same whelp design (similar idle animations, model, etc.)... but i gotta admit, he's pretty cool looking. i hope he has an awesome interactive animation. something epic! but we'll see.

there's no word on if and when this little guy will be available. could be the cataclysm collector's edition pet, it could be the blizzcon 2010 redeemable in-game item, or it could even be another blizzard PetStore item. either way, i can't wait to find out how to get my hands on him.

mini deathwing makes me wish i could wear plate so i could create an RP outfit to match him. then we could run all across azeroth and wreak havoc wherever we go! :P
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