Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cataclysm Engineering Pets

it's confirmed! the personal world destroyer i found on wowhead.com will be one of the new engineering pets in the expansion. it looks like a blue, miniature fel reaver. i can't wait to see what type of animation (if any) he has.

the flip-side to this good news is that so far the engineering pets for cataclysm are listed as "Bind on Pick Up" which means if i want them, i'll need to drop a profession, pick up engineering, level it to the right skill level, craft the pets, drop engineering, and re-level the profession i previously had. i've done it before so it shouldn't be that problematic, just a bit tedious and time consuming. (and that was done all in one night!)

the peeve that i have is blizzard's ever changing mind about certain items. the engineering pets prior to wotlk were exclusively engineering pets. there was no other way to obtain them other than to have engineering yourself. once wotlk rolled around, that changed and the profession specific companions became bind on use. the AH is flooded with lil' smokys and bomblings now.

part of me understands that this is a game of change, and you can either go with the flow or get left behind. but on the other hand, it's quite frustrating that blizzard changes their mind as if on a whim.

many collectors felt as though all their efforts and energy were belittled because of this. after all of the time spent to switch back and forth between professions and suddenly the pets are handed to people? it was quite an outrage for some.

for me, i'm a bit torn. i did feel as though my hard work suddenly became a bit meaningless, but i still held onto the memories of that night so it was still worth it. it was quite an adventure, actually. one that seemed endless and a bit of a headache since i kind of just winged it without looking up a guide or anything lol. despite the change and the irritation that came along with it, i've gotten over the whole thing and i wouldn't have it any other way. i'm happy for all the collectors, who didn't switch professions, who can now own a lil' smoky and pet bombling of their own.

what blizzard will end up deciding on, to keep the new engineering pets BoP or to make them BoU come the release or to even switch it from BoP to BoU at a later date (like they did with the previous engineering pets), who knows. we'll just have to wait and see. they won't be able to make everyone happy, but i hope there is a balanced compromise. maybe one pet bind on use while the other bind on pick up? heh.

whatever the case may be for the cataclysm engineering companions, i know that i'll definitely be putting them on my "to do" and "to get" list. even if it takes me some time to build up the courage to make that giant profession switch, i'll get them eventually!
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