Monday, August 23, 2010


there may be a new elemental pet in cataclysm, an earth elemental to be exact. its name? pebble! very fitting, no?

since i haven't logged on to see for myself, i can't say if this little guy is actually a companion or if it's just a quest item/NPC. however, after sifting through the beta forum posts, i know for sure that there is a quest chain in deepholm that involves summoning an earth elemental named pebble. whether or not players receive a pebble pet or similar companion of their own at the end of the chain or upon gaining a certain reputation with the Therazane faction, i have yet to find out.

it would make a lot of sense if players did receive a pebble of their own or an earth elemental companion somewhere/sometime in cataclysm. blizzard did mention during the scorchling fiasco that they would be introducing baby elemental pets into the game in the future. much of cataclysm will be dealing with old gods, ancient beings and guardians, so it's not unlikely that we'll run into a faction or two of elementals. hopefully we get to interact with all the factions and receive miniature elemental non-combat pets. finally!

as soon as the beta stabilizes and i can patch, i'll definitely be going to check out the pebble quest chain. even without a companion reward at the end, there's much talk of how awesome the chain is in general. we'll have to wait and see!
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