Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Creepy and It's Kooky brings us news of... a crawling hand pet..?! there's even a neat video of it in action. apparently you can play rock, paper, scissors with it. interactive pet animations... HOORAY!

to be honest, when i first saw it... i couldn't believe that it was a companion. it was just too amazing and cool to be one. i thought that it was for sure some sort of NPC or NPC's pet that we could interact with. but after searching through wowhead and finding the telltale "Right Click to summon and dismiss your crawling hand" my doubts are slowly fading.

i refuse to get my hopes up though. companions and their "uncategorized spells" have been datamined before, but that doesn't mean that they always make it into the live release of the game. i'm just going to wait this one out before i start getting too excited. with all of the disappointments and let downs concerning pet collecting lately, i don't want to go through another emotional roller coaster over a companion that hasn't even been confirmed for release yet.

even so... it's a very very very very awesome pet that i would love to add to my army!
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