Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Cataclysm Companions

mmo-champion has more companion pets for us!
- Dark Phoenix Hatchling
- Fossilized Hatchling
- Rustberg Seagull
- Armadillo
the dark phoenix hatchling has already been announced as one of the guild vendor rewards that must be unlocked by a guild in order to obtain (although that could change before the expansion goes live). and the fossilized hatchling has been confirmed to be part of the new secondary profession, archaeology.

the other two... well there's no other information on either one of these yet.

i have to say... the seagull i can fathom. we'll be traveling back and forth at sea a lot and not to mention to the new under water zone. it's a critter/creature that you would expect to see so it fits in quite well with the whole theme/scheme in cataclysm.

but the armadillo? i was caught completely off guard by this one. since i haven't been on the beta in a while, i can only speculate that this will be a new critter/creature in the new 80-85 zones. otherwise... i can't see how it would fit into the game. i've never seen an armadillo or something even remotely like one in all of azeroth, outlands or northrend. it just makes me scratch my head a little.

well in any case, i hope both pets go live and i hope they're entertaining and have fun animations. i'm already crossing my fingers that the armadillo curls up into a ball whenever you do an emote at it. adorable much? :)
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