Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guild Vendor and New UI Layout

mmo-champion brings us a preview of the vendor goodies that will be available once you've unlocked certain reputations with your guild (i think?).

two things to note in this screenshot of what the vendor will possibly offer: baby dark phoenix and snail pet!! i'm very excited and eager to see what the snail pet looks like! eee! wowhead has yet to update its cataclysm database with any information on these two possible companions, so we'll just have to wait and see for now.

mmo-champ also has a screenshot of the new companion/mount UI layout. i'm a little disappointed that there is still no search feature for the companion pet tab. it's nice that the names of the pets are plainly visible now and makes it slightly easier since it's in alphabetical order, but after 10 pages of pets... it just seems like a good idea to add a search feature. especially for those of us who have memorized companion names and know exactly which pet we want to bring out at any given time. instead of scrolling through the pages, it'd be convenient if we could just type it in (similar to the profession tab search feature) and have that pet pop up, yenno?

all these changes and updates makes me want to finally take the dive and patch my beta client *insert groan here* but we'll see what i have time for. :P i'm most interested in the guild vendor and what she/he has to offer us! the dark phoenix mount looks pretty amazing, so i can just imagine how gorgeous the companion will be.
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