Sunday, August 22, 2010


an ever-changing game such as WoW will ultimately have ever-changing items. this isn't to say they get better or worse over time. it's not the end nor is it the beginning. change is just change.

after some reflection of all the changes and possible changes to come with cataclysm, major and minor, i've come to the conclusion that i'm very grateful for my pet collecting experiences thus far (yes, even the pet peeves).

i'm particularly glad that i started early on rather than later, and i actually sort of pity those who have only just discovered this great hobby and style of gameplay that is vanity pet collecting. but not to worry since everyone eventually makes and cherishes memories for themselves. :)

one particular sentimental moment in time that i hold especially dear (amongst the many special memories lol) is when companions used to be actual items that took up bag and bank slots. i'm not saying that i wish things would go back to those days. no way. i adore the change to actually be able to learn the pet and thus freeing up my inventory space for other useless junk. but during those days when one pet meant one less slot, there was one companion that made having the actual item (vs having a trainable spell) worthwhile.

the captured firefly, while seemingly insignificant now, holds special meaning for me and probably for many other old-timers out there.

this pet used to be one of the few non-combat companions who's item had some flavor text on it. "Still flying..." it read. of course this only makes sense to tv show buffs since it's referring to the tv series Firefly. to quote the show:
Mal: We're still flying.
Simon: That's not much.
Mal: It's enough.
it's one of those neat little hidden pop culture easter eggs that blizzard often sneaks in when we're not looking. being a huge firefly and serenity fan made me want this companion even more than i already did when i found out about the reference. you can't even imagine how ecstatic i was once this pet dropped for me after farming for about 3 to 4 days.

even now i'm proud to say that i own a piece of wow history even though just about anyone can go out and kill mobs for this companion. it may be snobbish of me to say this, but i feel honored to have been apart of much of the previous companion collecting scene prior to the major changes. not just anyone can say "oh yes, 'still flying...' i remember that pet" and truly understand the meaning of those words. these experiences are things that can't be farmed or bought.

the little things like these are what makes pet collecting so meaningful for me. sure, the text is gone now that the item disappears once you've learned it, but the memory remains. i'm grateful for that.

with cataclysm just over the horizon... who knows what pet collecting changes will come with it. i will continue to look forward in anticipation and at the same time i'll continue to look back with fondness and a wistful sense of loss yet gain. i may lose an ability, an item, or whatever, but at the same time i'll gain the memories of yester-years and past used-to-be's. these things can never be taken away and they will always remind me of what collecting is to me and why it's such an important aspect of my gameplay. even after all the perks, peeves, days, months, years it's what keeps me "still flying." :)

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