Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Extra Change In Your Pocket.. Err Collection

WoW Insider recently wrote up an article that explains the potential gold benefits of having an account-wide pet collection.

I agree that this could be a way for players to earn some gold when starting out on a new server, and I think it seems like a smart way to establish yourself on a different server, where starting out might be tougher without some extra gold.

With your choices of what pets you can actually cage and sell/trade being limited though, your potential for game-breaking profits aren't too high, which means it's not like you'll be bringing down the server's economy with your influx of companions.

It would be like selling certain pets, as per usual, on your main toon's server. The market and demand would dictate the prices; the only difference is that the source of the pets wouldn't have originated from the server you're attempting to sell the companions on. And you'd be cutting out the middleman (Neutral AH), but that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

After thinking about it for a while, I really don't see a downside. Sure, already established players on certain realms might feel as though outsiders are randomly inserting themselves into "their" market, but that's going to happen even if pet collections weren't accound-wide. It might take a bit longer and be less convenient for that new neighbor in town, but it happens even now so it's not a new situation.

If there's any downside, it's that the player investing in the pets to possibly sell on other servers might take a gold loss themselves. Each server has its own economy, one that fluctuates and will vary from other servers. Buying low and selling high is always a risk, but if someone is willing to put their money on it and makes a profit, then more power to them.


  1. Quint, I play mainly Horde so I don't have all the Argent pets on the Alliance side. When the pets go account bound, will I be able to collect from both factions and have them appear in my list?

    In other words, should I be leveling my Alliance Death Knight to get the Argent pets now?

    1. @Raax: Yes, if you prefer to collect all the Arget Tournie pets on your own, you should level your Ally and start grinding the reputation/tokens. Once purchased and learned, come MoP you'll have access to both Ally and Horde Argent Tournie pets from any character, regardless of faction.

  2. I wonder how the BC vendor pets will be? Sporregar and Sha'tari Skyguard. Will they be cageable and thus able to sell/AH.

    It sure would be nice to spend 30 glowcaps on a pet and then turn around and sell it for 5k over and over because people don't want to raise their rep with Sporregar.

    1. @Anonymous: Since the Sporregar and Skyguard pets require reputation (when purchased from the vendor), I'm going to guess that they might not be cageable.

      But until devs answer the whole "which pets will actually be cageable?" question, we just don't know what will happen to a lot of the rep vendored pets.


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