Monday, August 27, 2012

Hoping For a Happy Patch Day

Bring on Patch 5.0.4! I'm nervous yet eager for the patch tomorrow. One might ask, "There won't be any new pets to collect, so what's there to be excited about?"

Well, for starters, I'll finally have access to Lumpy on my main toon! My druid was unlucky last year during Winter Veil, but my hunter managed to loot the pet. With account-wide pets, my druid will be able to summon Lumpy and enjoy.

Secondly, nicknames for pets! Actually, I haven't seen any official confirmation that the ability to rename pets will be available in Patch 5.0.4, but I'm guessing it will be since the new Pet Journal will be released. Renaming is done in the journal UI and doesn't require any extra special item or action, so since they're tied together, it would only make sense that renaming would be in once the Pet Journal is in, right? Hopefully I'm right, because I'm looking forward to giving my pets personalized names. :)

I'm planning on holding off on completely re-organizing my collection, though. Since caging won't be available until MoP, releasing pets will be the only way to bring your collection under the max cap (500).

But! Just in case some changes are made to which pets can be caged and traded, I don't want to risk losing any duplicate pets that I may have (which shouldn't be many since I don't collect on any other toon besides my main).

Instead, I think I'll just review my collection and write down a list of notes so come MoP I'll be ready to sort things out properly. Gotta get under that cap so I can add more pets to my journal!

In general, NEW STUFFS!! That's what I'm looking forward to lol. Crossing my fingers that it won't be too buggy or laggy and the patch will roll out on time and smoothly.

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