Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Comments On Pet Battles

In Wowhead's interview with John Lagrave (lead game producer) and Ion Hazzikostas (lead encounter designer) about MoP, Pet Battles was brought up.

The main points:
- It took months of development (five to be exact) and the minigame underwent many iterations and changes before Pet Battles was ready for testing in July.

- There's still the possibility of a mobile version of Pet Battles, but for now they are concentrating on fine-tuning, completing, and implementing the actual minigame.

- Pet Battles is meant to be "something for you and I to do while we’re waiting for a raid to get going or before a scenario or something like that".
There will probably be some complaints about the amount of time and resources that was put into a new feature that some see as trivial or too "kiddie" and "casual, but to each their own. It's all relative and subjective.

Whether or not this new feature deserves so much attention and development depends on your point of view. For some players, the minigame will be their main focus and goal, while others will only play it whenever there's nothing else to do.

In the end, we just have to have faith that Blizzard will do their best for all aspects of the game.

If anything, we should view the amount of work and effort put into Pet Battles as a sign that developers are really watching and listening. Big or small, each WoW community is taken into consideration, and their requests and desires are being heard. It might just take developers some time to get around to. :)

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