Friday, August 24, 2012

Patch 5.0.4 Reminders

UPDATE: Here are more notes for Patch 5.0.4. These are official Blizzard reminders for Tuesday.

Here's what WILL BE included in next week's patch (5.0.4, aka: pre-MoP patch).
- New companion pet (and mount) UI. The original spellbook tab for companions will be gone. It will be replaced with the Pet Journal. The Pet Journal will have multiple functionality; it will be useful in Pet Battles to classic collecting and summoning of minipets.

- Account-wide collections. This will mean a merging of all collections into one that will be accessible by all characters on a WoW account.
Players with duplicate pets across different characters will find that up to three of the same pet will be added to their new Pet Journal. However, some unique pets will be combined into only one in the Pet Journal (such as achievement rewards).

During the merger, players will be allowed to have more than the allowed max cap of pets (500). After falling below 500, though, collections cannot go above the max cap of total pets again.
- Releasing pets. There will be a handful of pets that you won't be able to cage but might not want in your Pet Journal. You can remove these pets by releasing them.

- Renaming pets. Time to choose nicknames for all your companions! You can rename companions through the Pet Journal. After renaming it, it will retain that handle when you summon it so other players will see it too.

- The Fox Kit will be available for purchase on Tol Barad Peninsula for commendations. It can still be found as a low drop rate off of the foxes on the island, though.
Here's what will NOT be included in the pre-MoP patch.
- Pet Battles. We'll have to wait until the MoP release date to access this new ability and minigame. The upside is that players do NOT have to upgrade to MoP to participate.
Since Pet Battles won't be available, capturing wild pets won't be possible until MoP. We may see some critters around, but the most we'll be able to do for now is poke them lol.
- Caging pets. This ability won't be available until MoP.

- New non-wild pets. All the datamined new pets will have to wait until the expansion. Nothing new to collect until September!
If any of the above is incorrect, needs amending, or if I've forgotten to list something, please let me know! :)


  1. Question time: do you know if, for example, I have two Fireflies, will I be able to cage one of those to sell once MoP hits?

    1. @Kintarah: As long as it's not a unique or wild pet, you can cage it and then trade/sell it. Even if the pet is BoP (such as the holiday loot bag dropped pets).

      In regards to that specific pet, yes, you can cage a Firefly to trade or sell.


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