Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm a Farmer (The "Good" Kind)

I've become best friends with Sho, and she immediately sent me the Red Cricket. :D Unfortunately, it doesn't have an entry in the Pet Journal yet, so I don't think it's fully implemented at the moment. I'm holding off on learning the BoU item until I'm sure I can summon it. Don't want to risk losing this pet! :P

Now that I've earned best friend status with one NPC, my next focus will be Farmer Fung. Apparently he'll mail an Enigma Seed to all his best friends, and between this seed and the Ominous Seed (see previous post), one of them might have the chance of producing the Terrible Turnip.

I'd like to see if either one is a 100% droprate for the pet or not, but I need to get my hands on some of these hard to find seeds first!

Granted, I haven't been planting religiously or for very many days, but both seeds don't seem to have a very high droprate from any of the plants I've planted and harvested. This could be why the Terrible Turnip is labeled as a "zone drop" in the Pet Journal.

Either that or it's just a tiny bit much to include "it has a low chance to drop from a seed, that has a chance to drop from a plant that you have to grow" all in the journal description lol. "Zone drop" just seems so much cleaner, if not vague haha.

Well, even though I've managed to claim my first pet reward from my little farm, there's still the potential for another. This is going to definitely keep me farming for a while!

PS: Something I forgot to mention that's probably significant is that this entire "farming" minigame and reputation/friendship grind doesn't unlock until you're level 90. So if you're thinking of heading out to the valley and getting started as soon as you log into the expansion, be ready to be stared at weirdly by a bunch of Pandaren, wondering why you're begging for seeds and friendship. :P

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