Sunday, August 19, 2012

Updated Art and Audio

From being our simple little followers to becoming the stars of their very own minigame, companion pets have come a long way since they were first implemented. And guess what? They're STILL being improved and updated!

Come MoP, be sure to take a look at the icons for many of the pets in the Pet Journal. There's new art for existing and new companions. The attention to detail is remarkable and really makes the journal "pop". :)

Another thing to check out is the updated sounds for both new and older pets. Many of them that previously didn't have any vocalizations have suddenly found their voices, while other pets have had their audio altered slightly.

I'm warning you though, there are A LOT of updated ones to go through. I've been tasked with previewing and gathering information on the updated pet sounds and I'm not even a quarter way through. XD

As a pet lover and collector, I definitely appreciate all the effort being put into Pet Battles and updating pets in general. Developers seem to be going the extra mile for companions.

It's also refreshing that the pet collecting community's questions and concerns are being heard and openly addressed. It's great to see some of the commonly requested features finally get implemented in some shape or form. I can't wait to name some of my pets, although I'm still working on coming up with nicknames for all of them. :P

All in all, I'm looking forward to the finalized version of MoP! I hope that Pet Battles and vanity pets will continue to receive an ample amount of developer attention, dedication and consideration as the expansion progresses.

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