Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Scary Seed Success

Yay! The Ominous Seed that I planted yesterday on my Tillers farm on the beta was ready for harvesting tonight. This is what greeted me as I logged in:

It may look like I have the pet summoned and in front of me, but that's actually a herb node in one of the soil plots on my farm. The Ominous Seed that was once there actually turned into the Terrible Turnip even before harvesting! And obviously it dropped the pet for me after I looted it. :P

I'm so happy that I get to preview this little veggie before MoP. Honestly, my hopes weren't very high that I would get to see this one while on the beta since the droprate seems pretty random. RNG and I have never really gotten along lol.

The Terrible Turnip is adorable. :) It's summoning and idle animations are very similar if not identical to Lil' Ragnaros, though. That's kind of a bummer since this pet is so unique. Was kind of hoping for a unique idle animation too. I could see this pet doing a small dance for some reason haha.

Anyway, the Terrible Turnip is awesome regardless. I just hope I get this lucky with my Tillers farm once MoP goes live!

PS: I don't actually think turnips taste bitter, but I know some people do. ;)


  1. Can it fight in pet battles? What level was it when it sprouted?

    1. @Raax: Yes, it is completely battle ready! :D It was level 1 when I looted it.

  2. Posting here as you're doing beta.

    In 5.04 I got a lot of alliance balloons and other 'this is not tradeabale' pets added to my pet journal.

    Can I safely release them now (all but one obviously), so I've less to do when MoP hits?

    My journal currently has 1252 in it so not likely to get back below 500 ;-)

    Also, I assume there isn't a point in keeping ones like the racial pets as they are cheap to buy off vendors?

    1. @Anonymous: If you have no interest in trading or selling any of them once MoP is released, yes, you can release them now to get under the cap.

      However, you can also wait until the caging ability is unlocked in MoP. Duplicate pets won't be automatically removed if you have over the caps (500 and 3x of the same pet).

      So if you want to trade or sell some of your duplicate pets, you should hang onto the cageable duplicates for now and only release the ones that can't be caged period.


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